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Is Euphoria a “woke” or harmful representation of teenage lives?

By Eve Reekie, 06/04/2021 This unconventional ‘teen drama’ is seen by many as a piece of artwork. But ask yourself as an adult, teen or elder, can you relate to any one single character’s experiences. To quote Henry Wong in the Guardian “If school days are the happiest of our lives, I’m worried for the…

Why female bisexuality feels like a fad rather than a confirmation of sexual orientation.

New-wave bisexuals falsely identifying themselves due to the culture and lifestyle of many openly gay individuals in the media.  By Eve Reekie 20/01/2021 In western modern society bisexuality has become increasingly more recognised and accepted as a valid sexual orientation. With major celebrities like Doja Cat, Kehlani and Cara Delavigne all speaking openly about their…

Do infamous Boiler Room DJs live up to the hype after their set is over?

From P-rallel to Jyoty to Joy Orbison…I’ve checked out their events, so you don’t have to.  By Eve Reekie Recently, via YouTube and TikTok, artists who perform at Boiler Room events have been accumulating ridiculous amounts of views and ‘hype.’ Take Fred Again as an example, he’s gone from not having many followers in 2021…

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